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Begin Your Health Journey with Dr. Shannahan

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Speaking Engagements 

Dr. Shannahan's inspirational and informative messages have motivated & educated patients, physicians & students. Using her extensive & unique training background in Integrative Medicine, she is able to tailor workshops for any occasion and audience.

Most requested topics & workshops include:

InteGREATive Medicine

Nature Medicine 

Mindful Nutrition 


Specialty-Specific Integrative Medicine

Fitting in Fitness

Achieving Career Goals

The Pre-Med Journey 

Spa Setting


Dr. Shannahan is currently only accepting appointments through the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern. A REFERRAL is REQUIRED from a primary care physician or specialist.

The Osher Center is 1 of 7 academic medical centers internationally including Harvard, Vanderbilt, the University of San Francisco, University of Washington & more, who specialize in Integrative Medicine.

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Join the #InstagrativeMedicine Initiative

A movement & community begun by Dr. Shannahan to promote the Social Media sharing of reliable, responsible, evidence-based wellness tips & ideas that encourage slowing down & mindfulness in an instant world. 

Use the #InstagrativeMedicine hashtag to track daily advice, or share your tips & their research source.


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