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Anna Balabanova Shannahan, MD

Find healing, wellness & joy with Integrative Medicine based on evidence and excellence, guided by a Fellowship-trained physician.

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Having a difficult time sorting through who & what to trust?
Dr. Shannahan is a Board-Certified MD & Assistant Professor who has completed 2 Fellowships in Integrative Medicine.

A 12-time marathoner, 9-time triathlete, & U.S. Figure Skating Gold ice skater, Dr. Shannahan believes in practicing what she teaches.
She knows firsthand the dedication & hard work it takes to make healthy lifestyle choices, and is with you every step of the way to accomplish your health goals.

Cosmetic Oils

Integrative Medicine

Because everyone deserves to have access to all tools in the toolbox.

Dr. Shannahan believes in combining Western and alternative therapies in an evidence-based way personalized for you.

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